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TEDx was developed to give smaller communities a chance to engage in “spreading ideas”, the ted organization’s overarching objective.
TEDxYYC - Poster variations - There is no cure or vaccine TEDxYYC - Poster board takeover - Small infection TEDxYYC - Poster board takeover - Starting to spread TEDxYYC - Poster board takeover - Full infection


A proliferation of TEDx events in Calgary originally put three non-affiliated options on attendees’ radar. Our goal was to make TEDxYYC the clear choice and to entice dynamic young opinion leaders to attend.
TEDxYYC - Website showing microbes growing in a petri dish revealing the name X WAX.CA/X


Over four successive years, we built themed campaign platforms designed to connect our target with their appetite for meaningful conversations that lead to extraordinary connections. Our last creative interpretation, which tapped into TED’s mission of spreading ideas, appealed to the target’s desire to be “infected” with contagious inspiration.


We’ve spread the word, growing TEDxYYC from a 250-person event to one with over 2,000 attendees.
TEDxYYC - Wall takeover - Early infection TEDxYYC - Wall takeover - Mild infection TEDxYYC - Wall takeover - Full blown infection