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Simons, the 170-year-old Quebec-based retailer, has big expansion plans for the rest of Canada, including a stylish café in each of its nine new stores.
Eve - Signage
Eve - Menu Eve - Logo - Pink


Develop a national café brand that balances novelty with paying homage to the company’s french roots. Plus, ensure the brand works equally well in both official languages.
Eve - Sketches


We developed a name inspired by the past (the founder’s grandmother, eva) and coupled it with a clean, stylish brand influenced by a classic fashion font. From there, we built out a comprehensive platform covering signage, menus (digital and print), packaging and stationery.
Eve - Logo - Cream Eve - Coffee Cups
Eve - Cheque Eve - Business Cards


A new, iconic mark that looks good solo, but also plays well with the rest of the fashion brands at Simons.
Eve - Restaurant Interior