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Enerflex is a respected and progressive 30-year-old global energy company that engineers, designs, manufactures and provides aftermarket support for natural gas processing and transportation.
Enerflex - Annual Report - Cover
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Design an annual report that recognizes the challenges of a local downturn while celebrating international market advances. And do it all in a more engaging manner to effectively communicate and simplify complex data.
Enerflex - Annual Report - Spread Enerflex - Annual Report - Spread
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After quickly assessing what set Enerflex apart, we articulated their unique culture in an overarching theme: powered by purpose. Focused on growth. From there, we translated that theme into an elevated visual treatment that told their story in a fresh and digestible way. No easy feat.
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Beyond acting as an investor piece or even a sales tool, this annual report has become an introduction to Enerflex, setting the tone for the next three decades.
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