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The Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities (CSPD) is a not-for-profit organization that relies on private donors and government funding to serve clients with disabilities such as autism, down syndrome and cerebral palsy.


Celebrating 40 years of helping clients live life to the fullest is a momentous occasion for any organization. While CSPD was addressing operational challenges, including diminished funding in the face of increased service requirements as their clients age, the hope was for an annual report message that captured an enduring joy and spirit.
CSPD 2014 - Packaged Annual Reports stuffed with balloons CSPD 2014 - Annual Report balloons layed out CSPD 2014 - Close up of small type on balloon


Balloons are the perfect symbol of celebration. So, we printed the first-ever annual report on balloons, highlighting CSPD’s years of dedication and service. We also created a digital version that required no huffing and puffing.
CSPD 2014 - Website version of report CSPD 2014 - Website mobile view


AGM attendance peaked, with clients and donors alike “assembling” reports during the meeting. This unique annual report was also shared by key influencers and government officials, including this congratulatory Youtube video from Calgary’s mayor, Naheed Nenshi.
CSPD 2014 - Early sketches, ideas for how to package Annual Report.