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Altalink, Alberta’s largest electricity transmission company, maintains and operates 12,500 kilometres of transmission lines and 280 substations across the province. In other words, they help power Alberta.
We are Responsible for the Citizens of our own city. - Tom Loszchuk One of the greatest feelings is coming across the next big idea. - Mark Summers I want the future of the tech world to look more diverse. - Kylie Toh


When altalink was acquired by U.S.-based Berkshire Hathaway, reaction around the province was mixed. Altalink’s annual Report to Communities (RTC) provided an opportunity to reintroduce the company as part of a world-class utility that puts Albertans first.
Albert Kylne - Inventor - Detanichok Eco-Roads Jean Grand-Maître - Artistic Director - Alberta Ballet Kylie Toh - Founder - Chic Geek
Dr. Mark Summers - Director, Renewable Energy - Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions Tom Loszchuk - Woodshop Manager - The Calgary Drop-In Centre Scott Thon - President & CEO - AltaLink


Rather than showing how Altalink transmits electricity, we decided to show why they do it. We put the spotlight on a diverse range of Albertans who are powering possibilities, and then we showed how Altalink brought those ideas to life by delivering the energy needed. Using a predominantly digital approach — promoted Facebook videos and retargeted display ads — we engaged viewers in an experience that was unexpected yet relevant.


We achieved significant social engagement, with over 6,000 full views of the video posts over the course of the five-week campaign. That worked out to just $1 per view. And visits to Altalink’s RTC site increased 185% over the previous report.
Early concept sketches - Print ads, Website