We love our people. And they love working here. It’s why they stay so long, and those who leave often come back.


President/Founding Partner Dan is a serial entrepreneur and proven business strategist. His innate ability to spot trends and identify opportunities, coupled with a keen intellect and a strong dose of common sense, has been a valuable asset for clients wanting to develop brand platforms that both resonate and endure.


Creative Director Nick believes in creating ads that people actually care about. As media diverges, the best content wins. It’s the filter he applies to each project that crosses his desk. Nick has worked at the country’s top agencies lending his creativity to brands like Coca-Cola, Interac, Corona, Google, Canadian Tire and WestJet. This is Nick’s second stint at WAX after being the first copywriter hired when the agency launched in 2005.


Design Director/Founding Partner Monique is all about simple — it’s the way she lives, works and designs. She leads our multi-faceted design team, creating work that’s both clear in strategic intent and stunning in presentation. In other words, she combines an artist’s sensibility with an engineer’s desire for structure.


Director, Operations Process. Process. Process. Maybe we’re overstating it, but Linda is responsible for managing our internal and external resources so that the work we do for our clients, well, works. She also manages third-party supplier relationships; controls pricing, scheduling and delivery; and always watches for potential obstacles, to help ensure projects are on budget and on time.

Greg Damus

Director, Strategy

Jay Kilby

Group Account Director

Maddie Gauthier

Account Director

Yash Keough

Account Supervisor

Hilary Tong

Account Manager

Michala Allen

Account Coordinator

Katie Morley

Account Manager

Gabriela Barneva

Account Service Intern

Chris Lihou


Brad Connell

Art Director

Daniel Fontaine

Art Director

Mustaali Raj


Anjuli Macasinag

Design Intern

Rene Chayer

Director of Specialty Audio

Tina Song

Studio Artist

Thomas Turner

Studio Artist

Jonathan Yeo

Digital Developer

Sandra Haniak